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Betty Scott

Betty Scott

It's been a long time. Hope you are all excited about the business that you are in.
I wanted to give her the business so badly, I was willing to veto my business policy and encourage a bad behavior.   I called and left a detailed message. I still passed on her information to my client (even though she did not return my call).   My client called her and left a message. When she never returned the call, my client asked me ...
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Prospective clients rarely tell you that they want to buy your products or services and so it is extremely important that you look out for those non-verbal and/or physical signals that indicate your prospect's willingness to take ownership.   Look for these signals after you have done the following:   A) given an excellent presentation an...
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His Presentation: Sedrick presented two Ralph Lauren business casual blazers to a prospect. He covered the: Feature     - the fabric content of 50% polyester/50% wool blend Advantage - that particular 50/50 blend carries a tighter weave Benefit        - that tighter weave helps to maintain body temperatu...
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Diary of Demetria Parkinson - April 19, 2012   "I have pimples all over my face. I will be ridiculed at school which restarts in two weeks. I must find something to clear this up very quickly.  All my friends think that pimples result from dirty practices and I don't want them to think of me as unclean. My best friend Angelina has beautif...
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SALES, sales, Sales, sAles, SAles, saLEs! No matter how you cut it, this word commands a lot of attention.   Relationships were built around it and economies and personal success are often measured against it. We buy businesses, houses, cars, vacations, clothing, food and entertainment just to name a few.   We negotiate salaries, contra...
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In a recent interview, one business woman wanted to know the best way to treat her client's credit card transaction decline.   This was my response to her question: Oooooops! Doesn't this make you feel uncomfortable? Here is what you say to the potential client: There seem to be an error on the card information we have on file. May I confirm t...
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Want to have fun while selling? Try using personality type mapping system for a longer or shorter sales cycle. Most prospects fall within four main personality types inclusive of the "Spontaneous" prospect. Spotting this type should not be hard to do simple because they usually have an adventurous spirit about them. They usually go for the perceive...
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Personality Selling allows you to identify your prospect's personality then tailor your presentation to appeal to them. When you are in a position to identify your prospect's personality, you can easily determine the length of your presentation along with other features of the selling cycle.   Although there are many personality types in the...
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Business women say the cutest things. Here is one.   I am very shy, I can't sell anything!   This is very far from the truth. You being shy gives you all the reason to get involved in sales because certain features of the sales world help you overcome shyness.   There is no room for shyness when you are involved with a product or ser...
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Personality Selling allows you to identify your prospect's personality then tailor your presentation to appeal to them.   When you are in a position to identify your propect's personality, you gain the advantage to lengthen or shorten the selling cycle. Most prospects fall within four main personality types and the Methodical type (prospec...
Hits: 1926
Personality Selling allows you to identify your prospect's personality then tailor your presentation to appeal to them.   Each day, we try to arm ourselves with the right sales closing tools, thoughts and attitude and there is a simple reason for this.   "We are in business to make money."   Making money calls for people interaction ...
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Most specialists and professionals are required to participate in continuing educational courses or seminars so as keep an active license or stay abreast of latest industry trends. Business owners occupy the ranks of specialists and professionals who have answered to their entrepreneurial calling. They are what I call "A few good men and women"...
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Recently, I had the pleasure of coaching a Caymanian Hairstylist who, while very excited about the Sales and Marketing Plan I created for her, threw me one of the greatest curb balls of all time. Her words were suggestive of failure.   She said "I don't have the money to market my business".   I am glad it was a telephone consultation bec...
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There are times when we all get frustrated with the local response to our products and services. Often times we are inclined to believe that the people around us (our local communities) should be the first to support us. The word of caution is - some will and some won't. Still, the nature of the frontier do change. People move away, the unemployed ...
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If we had to talk numbers, this would be a famous one to cling to - The 80/20 rule.     The 80/20 rule states that 80% of your business will come from 20% of your existing clients. A great formula indeed for business owners seeking to boost those month end sales figures (before running that final sales report).     If 20% of yo...
Hits: 7905
You have converted a prospect to a customer, done your paperwork and accepted the funds but, instead of thanking him/her then leave, you stick around to start a presentation on the product all over again.   The above describes "overselling" and it is considered a Sales World 'Taboo'.   Do this and you give your customer the green light to...
Hits: 2113
You would be surprise to know how many people still believe that marketing is the same as advertising.     Yes, they are indeed related (but) no, they are not the same.   Let's first examine the role of marketing so that we can see how it is related to advertising. Imagine a beautiful large basket which houses several compartment...
Hits: 13848
Although the sale of tangibles (i.e. products) and intangibles (i.e. services) arrive at the same destination - (“Closing the Sale”), unfortunately you cannot use the same approach for both.     Tangible items offer the opportunity to touch, feel or experience a product. These include cars, houses, clothing and perfume just to...
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It's a tough world out there and yes, it's not easy getting people to part with their money in this recessionary period. Still, it doesn't mean that goods and services are not being sold. What it reinforces, is the the fact that people prioritize their spending activities based on their perceived value and at times, "brand consciousness".   &n...
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We know the importance of leads. Can't live without them and at times, can't afford them. You would be surprised to find out about the "Thousands of Dollars" that are invested in leads on a quarterly basis.     A small investment in leads can run you anywhere between $125 (very low end) to $2500 (medium to high end) on a monthly basis. A...
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