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woman beachAre You Investing In Yourself?

I recently listen to a powerful message from multimillionaire Brian Beane.  Brian became a millionaire in his 20's and he lost it not understanding how to manage and grow his money. However, he regained it by aligning himself with experts, mentors and inspiring individuals who knew the true meaning of wealth.

He also asked an all-important question and that is "Someone's going to get wealthy from your money, who will get yours?"  You see everyday, we make decisions that either add to our financial well-being or take away.  It's amazing that we as women tend to be impulse buyers, but we invest in things that don't give us a return.  I think it's time that we invest in ourselves in more ways than one!

Investing isn't just about a monetary system, but it's about how you spend your time, thoughts, energy and money.  It's important to live life with purpose and passion and that means that everyday you must claim your control over what you put out and how you receive all forms of communication.  You must be mindful of how you spend your money and what you're investing in.  Most importantly, you must start investing in yourself for optimal results!

Here are 7 Incredible Ways to Invest In Yourself Now!
 1.Write Your Vision

If you didn't know it.  Vision is the fuel that ignites all of your dreams and goals.  Without it, you might be spinning your wheels.

Click here to read about writing your vision

2. Develop Unshakeable Faith In Yourself!

Ask anyone if they believe in themselves and they'll say, "Yes, of course I do".  But the truth is that many women don't have the level of faith required to have that break-through that they so desperately want!  

So, what type of faith do you need?  Unshakeable Faith of course!  It's when you believe in yourself so deeply that you take swift and immediate action (without looking back) on your ideas, dreams and goals.  You don't need anyone's permission, because God has pre-installed you with greatness and you're convicted in His power!

3. Become A Wisdom Seeking Reader!

Anyone can have books galore, but if they're not read they serve no purpose.  Does it make sense to purchase e-books, books, audios and how-to reports if you don't read them and determine how you can use the information to succeed in life? No, it makes no sense at all and it's time we all start realizing that reading is a most powerful form of learning. 

Just think about it, read 10 books of 10 highly successful people with over 10 years of experience and you automatically get over 100 years of combined wisdom.  NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL POWER!

4. Pay Yourself First!

Experts have said it for decades to "Pay Yourself First" and yet most people tend to ignore it. Consider starting a don't touch savings account where you'll contribute at least 15% of all monies that come in to you right off the top. After all, Uncle Sam has no problem taking his.

5. Eat In Color & Exercise!

Regardless of all of the diet plans, pills and drinks out there, one thing remains true. If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, drink (8) eight-ounce glasses of water and simply walk for 30 minutes daily you gain incredible energy and health. However, it requires the investment of time and commitment.

6.  Treasure the Time Allotted to You Daily!

86,400 seconds of time is gifted to us daily.  "It's up to us how we use the time allotted, because it can never be regained.  No time management system will work for you unless you're totally committed to managing the time that you've been given.  Time is going to pass on regardless of what you decide to do with it.  However, when you use it wisely, it becomes a most powerful tool with which to accomplish your dreams and goals!

In order to appreciate time and make a commitment to better manage the time you're allotted, you must know the importance of it.  Like oxygen, carbon and water, time is most valuable and important to live a successful and healthy life.  It's the measurement of existence and each second of it that we get, gives testimony that we are here!"

Source: WAB E-Book: "Time Management for Business Women"

7. Work With A Coach to See Quicker Results!

Why is it that as women we tend to be stubborn about seeking out the help and support we need?  However, many have no problem sharing their dreams and goals with naysayers, hoping for a positive feedback only to walk away feeling unsure and hurt by their comments.

If you've been trying to accomplish your dreams and goals for months or years, perhaps it's time you leverage the talent, support and skills of a professional coach.

Make today the best day of your life by immediately applying some or all of the investment principles above and experience a whole new you!

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