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Embracing the Power of Follow Up

woman thinking followup2If you would have followed up on important tasks, connections and opportunities, would you be further ahead with your business? Most business women answer a resounding yes to that question and yet many will also admit that they have no “Follow Up System” in place.

For a small business owner, following up is just not about making sure things get done. It’s also about structure, organization and it’s part of a bigger system that can assist you in accomplishing your business vision!

The benefits of developing a follow up system for your business include:

  • Improvement in Productivity
  • Better retention of current customers/clients
  • Able to take advantage of opportunities that come your way
  • Increase in leadership confidence
  • Aids in developing positive business habits that lead to success
  • Improves sales process resulting in new clients and income!
  • Helps in accomplishing your business vision!

Most productivity experts agree the lack of follow up could cause more than a 50% reduction in business income. In his article, “Why 8% of Sales People Get 80% of Sales”, marketing expert Robert Clay says, “Research shows, amazingly, that only 20% of sales leads are ever followed up. In other words, 80% of potential opportunities are lost without trace simply due to lack of follow-up.”

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It amazes me that more small business owners don’t see that following up is truly the key to generating more income. Oftentimes, follow up is seen as one of those must do tasks that have to get done, but most don’t understand the “why” in doing so. So, follow up occurs without follow through!

Part of the challenge in following up has to do with weakness in other areas of productivity as well, such as time management, organization and goal setting. In coaching other business women, I find that if I work with them on improving those areas that it becomes more of a natural process for them to embrace the power of following up. For example, without a good time management system, it’s impossible to follow up at all, because it’s dependent on scheduling follow up items in your calendar. So, if you feel you need to improve your follow up skills, you’ll also need to evaluate other productivity areas that you may need improvement in as well.

To get started with improving your follow up process, consider the following:

  • Be sure of your target market before you develop your follow up system.
  • Get a thorough understanding of what the follow up process should be for your business industry.
  • Identify the tools and resources you’ll need to build an effective system.
  • Write out our follow up system in a bullet point format.
  • Work with a coaching or consultant to zone in on generating more business leads using your follow up process.
  • Develop a system to hold yourself accountable.

Following up on your tasks, clients and opportunities is an evolving process, so it gets better with practice and tweaking your system as you get more positive results. So, it’s time to follow up on what you’ve just read and put into place a process that can help you increase your productivity, get more clients/customers!

About the Author

Trina Newby is a business consultant and success coach. She is founder of Women About Biz and is the author of The Power of Follow Up e-Report, a guide that can help you to better understand how to develop your follow up system. Learn more by click here.