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Welcome to the Running Your Business Solo Audio!

trina newby pic1Hi, it's Trina your Busines Success Coach!

This audio is a teleclass recording that I presented and it's all about learning to be more efficient and proacive as a business owner and taking a leadership role in ensuring that you have outlined a operations plan and workflow system that will help you to generate more revenue.

As a business owner myself, I know the challenge of multi-tasking and handling all of the day-to-day tasks and feeling overwhelmed.  However, there is a better way to manage your day-to-day operations, accomplish your business goals and generate revenue! 
Stay tuned for all new Working Solo courses, where I'll show you how to start making it happen when it's just you!


You'll learn the importance of:

  • Creating your 2017 Strategy
  • Developing your Operations Plan
  • Ahead-of-time Planning
  • Setting Milestones
  • Cash Flow Evaluation
  • Developing a Power Team

Running Your Business Solo Audio

NOTE: This audio is about 1.5 hours long, so make sure you schedule some time to listen to it in its entirety.  If you have to stop for a while, make sure you just pause it, but keep the page up. 


Here's few resource links I mentioned in the Recording!
NOTE: Any text in blue is the actual Internet Link
In this 21st Century, more than 60% of your prospective customers/clients use the Internet to search for your type of services/products.  So, having a solid presence on the web and making sure you have a consistent communications platform to keep them up-to-date of what you do is mandatory!
Sure, you've probably heard so many consultants, coaches and others mention that word, "system".  But it is true!  Utilizing the power of technology, you can have a big business presence.  Here's just a few ways automation can help you be a business owner superstar:
Business Operations
Use automated business workflow tools to handle your activities, appointments, projects and tasks.
Did you know that Google now has a new program just for small businesses?  It's called GSuite and it's an incredible line of online tools that help you rock your business!  It includes their popular calendar program, word processor, presentation maker, spreadsheet and more.  It also comes with 32 Gigs of space on your Google Drive in the Cloud.  So whether you're using your smart phone, computer or  tablet everything is available to you at all times!
Need something more robust to also manage communications with customers/clients, manage complete projects and tasks?  Using a Customer Relations Manager (CRM) might be just what you need.  
Insightly is a CRM and Project Management tool that can automate and handle task reminders, customers/clients, workflows with tasks and more!
Email Marketing
If you think that email marketing is obsolete, think again!  Whether viewing from a computer, smart  phone or tablet, email is still the #1 communications tool.
As a small business owner, at the minimum you should have an email going out to your customers/clients every 14-21 days.  Based on the response and size of your database, you can then increase the frequency.
Try these Email Marketing Tools!
Get Response is a wonderful multi-purpose email marketing tool.  It provides email marketing, auto-responder, landing pages, forms to embed on your website, you can do webinars and more!  What's even better is that it is low-cost.  You can also ad your current contacts without having to opt them in again.  Note: They have a trial version, so check it out! 
On a tight budget and need something efficient for your email marketing?  MailChimp has a great free lifetime service allowing you to store and have up to 500 email contacts without charge.  Your free account features email marketing and templates to use.  You can also ad your current contacts without having to opt them in again.