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Welcome to the Running Your Business Solo Audio!

trina newby pic1Hi, it's Trina your Busines Success Coach!

This audio is a teleclass recording that I presented and it's all about learning to be more efficient and proacive as a business owner and taking a leadership role in ensuring that you have outlined a operations plan and workflow system that will help you to generate more revenue.

As a business owner myself, I know the challenge of multi-tasking and handling all of the day-to-day tasks and feeling overwhelmed.  However, there is a better way to manage your day-to-day operations, accomplish your business goals and generate revenue! 
Stay tuned for all new Working Solo courses, where I'll show you how to start making it happen when it's just you!
sales graphic imageIt's no secret that if you want to make money in business, you need a steady stream of customers that are willing to purchase.  In other words, you must have consistent sales!  In order to create that consistency, it all must begin with you knowing how to close the sale once a prospect has shown interest. 
Oftentimes, businesswomen confuse sales with marketing and think that the two are interchangeable.  However, they are quite different, but dependent upon one another.  Marketing is the system of attracting individuals to your products and/or services through the use of advertisement, social media, landing pages, word-of-mouth and many other strategies. Sales is the process of converting a lead into a customer.  If the prospect purchases your products/services, you have effectively closed the sale. However, remember that sales can only occur after marketing has taken place.  This can include not only all of the marketing you did to generate leads, but follow up and actually talking with or presenting to your prospects as well.

her business strategy guide coverDeveloping a Burning Desire to Succeed!

Have you completed your business strategy for 2015?  If your answer is no, you definitely need the Her Business Strategy Guide!

marketing_mousepad_image5 Ways to Market Your Business On the Internet!

It goes without saying that the Internet has provided a great opportunity for most small business owners working with a small budget to market effectively online.  As a matter of fact, many Internet success stories have been made from individuals who had little money, but knew how to leverage the power of the net.

What about you and your business?  Have you been using the Internet effectively in your business for marketing purposes?  Whether your answer is yes or no, it's time to get things moving even more with the following Internet marketing ideas:

woman_hands_ongraphMaking It Happen!
Seven Ways to Grow Your Business

by Trina Newby, Your Success Coach!

Needless to say, managing and operating a small business can be quite challenging at times.  Each year we set new goals of how much revenue we would like to see in our business, how many customers we would like to have and how we will market.  These are just some of the common goals that mostly all small business owners set for the new year.  However, growing a business is more than just setting goals; it’s also about evaluating your business and researching your industry, as well as determining what you need to change from a personal development perspective to move your business to the next level.  Once you have determined where you can make improvements or add new strategies then you must have the skills and know-how to implement them.

woman_phone_computerRunning Your Business Solo!

Getting Clear On Your Business Priorities

by Trina Newby

Let's face it, many businesswomen live a multi-tasking life and being able to juggle things at a moment's notice has its advantages and disadvantages.  Let's take running a business for example:  If you're a solo-entrepreneur one disadvantage is that you have to manage and complete lots of tasks if you don't have the budget to contract others to help you and for most businesswomen this is the case. 

Day-to-day tasks can include handling correspondence, making prospect calls, marketing the business, bookkeeping, closing the sales and oh yes, providing the service or processing the product order.  What's a businesswoman to do when handling all of this?  Well the answer is not an easy one, but an advantage point is being clear on your business priorities.


I believe the process of questioning is one of the greatest skills a business woman can have when it comes to staying in touch with how your business is performing and how you are doing as the CEO of your company.  Asking yourself the right questions and finding solutions and answers to them will not only help you to stay on the road of being real with yourself, but it will also help you to see the necessary changes that need to be made for business growth.


Business Survival
In A Challenged Economy!

Most businesswomen have concerns about the declining economy and how it will impact their business. Many have already seen a decrease or drastic decline in sales. However, it is these challenging times that businesswomen must learn to deal with and “tough it out.”

No Failures

I Don't Believe In Failures

by Ponn Sabra

I prefer to call the challenges, obstacles, side-tracks, and barriers that prevent me from reaching my goals as “unfavorable outcomes”. If you put Merriam-Webster definition [i] of failure “as the lack of success” into perspective, remembering that “success is a journey and NOT a destination”, then you too will be able to accept and embrace unfavorable outcomes in life rather than demise failures.  If God grants me more, than I’ll be able to give more of myself to others—and that’s pretty darn peachy!